One to One phone call with Team Purdue Performance to further their knowledge of your personal fitness, specific targets, general information on you as a runner and your lifestyle / commitments. (We understand everyone is individual and one training plan does not suit all).

Bespoke training plan for you set every two weeks. Training plan tailored to your individual history, race goals and working/life commitments.

  • Coach interaction via private WhatsApp group with Charlotte Purdue & Adam Clarke  

  • Team Purdue Performance WhatsApp

  • Phone call with coaches when required

  • Training schedule set via mobile and online fitness app 

  • Weekly adjustments to training plans if necessary

  • Race advice and competition planning 

  • Including specific warm up and drill routines

This program is designed for the individual who would like a training program with coach interaction, full focus on running,  guidance along the way! and 24/7 access when needed.